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Where did the process of creating these panels originate?
It’s our very own process, developed here at COPPERHAND Studio after years of working with copper and patinas for craft gallery pieces and the decorative arts. There are many wonderful artists all over the world working with copper, but so far as we know, no one is doing it quite like us.

Where can I see the art in person?
If you're in southern California's San Diego area, you can see our original art pieces at Trios Gallery, at Coffee Gallery in Michigan, or by appointment at the studio - give us a call or email to arrange it.

Are ready-made pieces available?
Yes, COPPERHAND open editions and limited editions are available for order on this web site. These beautiful pieces are extremely similar to the originals in every way, and are produced on pure copper using our own unique methods. See them here or click on the "Purchase" link at the top of any page.

Do you accept commissions?
Yes, individuals, designers, art consultants and architects with specific requirements are encouraged to contact us. We’ll be happy to work with you in creating something for a specific situation or space. Art and fine craft galleries which would like to carry our work are encouraged to contact us as well.

How long will it take before I receive my art piece?
This will depend upon whether it is an existing piece that we or our gallery has ready to ship, or is a piece that we are creating for you. Please take a look at the COPPERHAND Impressions and Limited Editions section or contact us to discuss.

Can the panels be hung outdoors?
It’s not recommended with the artwork shown here. Though the panels are treated with a durable clear coating that is rated for outdoors, they will eventually weather if exposed to the elements. However, we do specially coat works that are intended for outdoor use, please enquire.

How much do the panels weigh?
They weigh between several pounds (at the smallest sizes) up to 35 pounds or more per panel (at the largest sizes). Standard, good quality picture hangers work well.